*Non runner’s running blog* - update week 2/3

Week 2

This week, armed with some new trainers that make it feel as if I am running on marshmallows, I have taken a few more steps towards becoming a “runner” or at least a jogger!

I have spoken to more women like me who thought they were dying the first time they tried to run for a minute, and yet they managed to make it round a 5k Parkrun, so this has kept me motivated (I may well need to come back to them again over the next few weeks to remind myself what I am aiming for!)

The first run of the week did not feel too bad, but on reflection, I probably went a little too fast, as my knees were really quite achy on the day after.

So, as I am desperate not to cause an injury that will stop my progress, I tried to pace myself and go more slowly for the other two runs.

The side effect of this was that although the runs were still hard work, they were not too hard to enjoy, yey!

For run 3 of the week, I even took my dog for company and he enjoyed going on a faster leg stretch than usual.

Extra happiness all round, so fingers crossed for week three……




Well done Gill and great to read about your progress through C25k. 

We look forward to the next update.

Sam & Vicky xx

If you are starting your Couch 25k journey then what better way to mark the achievement than with this stunning C25K medal.  You can even surprise a loved one with it by presenting it to them on their completion. 


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