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Stand up paddle boarding  ( SUP ) 

A new sport has come to my region and it is a fun way of keeping fit and active.
I discovered this new sport when I was out on my bike, on a training session - I was cycling past my local reservoir and I could see a group of folk standing on what appeared to be surf boards and paddling with one paddle.

As soon as I got home I researched the local reservoir and the clubs located at the venue- “Bartley SUP club” are the folks who run these sessions and of course I signed up for a beginners session straight away.

As soon as I was deemed confident and competent to be out on the water , I was on my board and enjoying this new found pastime, at the age of 55 it is strange to take on a new sport- SUP may appear to some as a younger person sport…. wrong, it is fun for anyone of any age.

Myself, I used to be a respected ultra distance runner- I have ran across the Grand Canyon from the North rim to the South rim, ran in races of 150 miles non stop running, ran in over 100 marathons around the world and on the 145 mile Grand union canal race ( non stop running from Birmingham to London) I finished 4th twice, 3rd twice and 2nd place - so it was a huge shock when I had to quit running due to a knee operation that had my right knee completely replaced.
I took to long distance cycling to keep myself fit and to continue my charity fundraising and now with Stand up paddle boarding I have a new addition to my fitness regime .

I would advise anyone to find out if they have a SUP club in their region and go along to give it a try… I am enjoying it so much that I have now been entered in a SUP event on behalf of my club.

Glyn Marston