About Us

Who are we? 

Well we are two sisters who forged our P.E notes at school (sorry Mum!) and never particularly enjoyed athletics until we were adults...late blossoming !
We certainly aren't natural athletes and although we could both ride a bike and swim (of sorts), running and the idea of entering an organised run was certainly something we wouldn't have done. Then we completed a Charity Power Walking Marathon together in a 'not too shabby' time of just over 6 hours and we started to think, "mmm can my legs go any faster?".
The thing we absolutely love about Virtual Racing UK is the community it has created.  Our entrants are supportive, caring and driven.  We get so many emails and messages every day, telling us how you are getting on with your challenges and feedback on the bling.  
It is also amazing to see how this community supports each other across our social media channels.  Providing stories about your own experiences, words of encouragement and help when and advise when its asked for.
A bit about Sam....
Sam Virtual Racing UK  
Inspired by my husband, I started to run on New Year's Day 2011, not expecting it to last. By the September I had ran a half marathon. 
Watching my journey unfold, my sister started running two years later, and boom, 2016 we both ran the Great North Run.
I have completed the race every year since and have also power-walked a few half marathons (due to injury) and completed numerous 10k races across the UK.
I am a 'slow & steady' wins the race kind of girl but was absolutely made in in March 2019 when I achieved a 10k PB of 58:57.  
A bit about Vicky...
Having families, for us committing to lots of events proved difficult, so Virtual Racing became a great way to stick to goals. And getting the fitness bug, we started trying other sports and realising it would be nice to get rewarded for sticking to these fitness goals too. 

Hence the birth of Virtual Racing UK.  

Between us we have over 35 years of marketing, sourcing, retail, design and event experience, and as avid fundraisers, we want to collaborate all this expertise into providing a great service, fabulous bling and raise lots of money for amazing causes. 

From March 26 2018

Virtual Racing UK’s community is growing, so we are making sure our business can grow with it.

From 26 March 2018 Virtual Racing UK will be the trading company of Virtual Fitness Ltd.

So what does this mean?

Well basically it just means we are now geared up to bring you even more fabulous challenges, great medals and better oversee the lovely community you guys have helped us build.

The business will still look the same, it’s still owned and run by us (Sam & Vicky) but it just means if we do grow to the levels we hope, we could expand and maybe even take on extra team members to help us.

Really the only difference you will see will be on your PayPal or bank statements, it will now say you’ve paid Virtual Fitness Ltd.

We are really grateful for your support on our journey so far and we are very excited to grow with you guys.

We are building a community, not just a business.