Virtual Racing UK is the trading name of Virtual Fitness Ltd.

Virtual Racing UK - Healthy, Honest, Competition

Our virtual races help keep you goal focused.Sign up, do the distance; either run it, walk it, swim it or cycle. Send us proof. Earn the medal.

What we do....

We run Virtual Distance Races / Challenges and Virtual Fitness Challenges 

We have created challenges which give you total control. Involving you setting your own goals and we provide the reward (amazing bling medals) to incentivise you to achieve them.  

Whether you want to commit to 3 fitness classes a week for a month, try at least 2 new sports for four weeks, make use of your gym membership or attain a weight lifting PB; you sign up, tell us your goal and confirm when its been achieved. We then send you your medal and a heap of virtual pride and congrats.  

These Virtual Fitness Challenges are about racing yourself, when the only limitation is your potential commitment.  

Virtual Racing UK organise virtual distance races and virtual fitness challenges


Virtual Distance Races / Challenges

These races are designed for runners, cyclists, power walking or swimmers.

With a variety of distances to choose from including 5K and 10k races, to half marathon challenges, you set the goal and we provide the medal.  

Entrants can run, walk, cycle or swim these distances.

For those inspired by healthy competition we will create completion league tables detailing distances swam, cycled or ran and runners, swimmers and cyclist can filter the list to see how they performed.

Exactly the same way you would for a live run, cycle challenge or swimming event.

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Virtual Fitness Challenges

These races are designed for everyone.

You could be brand new to exercise or a keen runner, cyclist or swimmer that is looking to set new fitness goals.  

You are entirely in control of your goal. You simply inform us of what your challenge is when you register.

Heck you could have a hula-hoop goal or simply want to run, cycle or swim a bespoke distance. As long as the activity keeps you fit and is a genuine sport, it qualifies as a fitness challenge. 

Tell us when you have achieved your goal and we will post out your medal.

Your challenge, your target

View our current fitness challenges

A word from our Brand Enthusiasts

My biggest reason for loving running is not just for the fitness, but it makes me completely happy & I love how it makes me feel afterwards and my mood and outlook on life just feel so positive


It's very flexible to do if you have children or are working etc, it was a very good motivator and for me I beat my post natal depression and I am the fittest I have ever been!


The virtual races website is a great idea for keeping the public active, and a brilliant incentive to keep up the training runs; especially for those who lack motivation. 


Virtual racing gives me motivation and a great excuse to get out and look after myself! And the bling is also a great reason for taking part!