Virtual running through the dark days

At 35 I thought I had it all... happy children, loving husband and wonderful family. I started on a weight loss journey which was going steady and surly and I'd got myself a Fitbit to help motivate me to move more.


In November I did a poppy run as my dads an ex soldier and I wanted to do something different having taken part in race for life for 7 years. Everyone was proud of me and my parents told me that there wasn't anything I couldn't do. Suddenly on December 14th while talking on the phone to myself my mum had a massive hear attack and passed away. She was and still is my reason for everything I did and do in life.

I could of easily fallen apart but Id found virtual running just before and that's what I've did .. I ran, I walked and I've kept going.

I've entered as many online races as I could with others ready to start and more in my basket awaiting payday...

I've reached 7stone weight loss and the hardest day was May the 13th almost 5mths bar a day to loosing mum my dad and I are walked 31miles from London to Henley with the British heart foundation. We did it in 12hours 20mins

Why am I telling you this? Because some days are dark and they feel like getting up is pointless I know, I've felt them.. but with a massive thanks to virtual running groups and live races I've found a focus, away to loose myself even for half an hour. You can be you and get through everything #walkforjosie


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