Virtual Races and the Benefits they have for Everyone - Amanda

Two years ago I had a serious cycling accident that would change my life forever.

I would find myself paralysed from the hips down and the rest of my life ahead of me would be spent in a wheelchair. I had broken 11 bones and punctured my lung when the brakes on my bike failed and I hit a metal post at 50 mile an hour.

I had to wait in a bed of brambles for almost an hour waiting to be found. The fact that I would never walk again was insignificant.

I was still alive and so so grateful for that fact I could still be a mother to my four children, the most important thing in the world to me and as a keen runner and triathlete I could still race all my friends in a pink wheelchair.





The photo is a selfie I shared on Facebook the night of my accident informing friends of what I had one.





I told them not to be sad but that I was alive and that as mentioned above, I would race them all in my pink wheelchair.


I have entered quite a few races since leaving hospital on January 29th 2016. I have been very lucky as the race directors have been very accommodating to my needs.

Some races though are not suitable and some race directors are a little scared of facing the unknown by letting a wheelchair participate. What is nice about the virtual races is that I can guarantee I won’t be let down or turned away and I can race at my own leisure.

There is also the choice of racing alone or getting together with a group of friends. Some days with a spinal injury you also can’t predict how you feel so virtual racing gives you more flexibility to complete a race when you really feel up to it.

I am so glad I discovered Virtual Racing UK through a friend on Facebook. I am looking forward so much to taking part in my next race whatever one it may be.

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