Fitness for family by Claire Roche

I have never been skinny or even what you would describe as slim but it honestly never really worried me.

Then after having my little girl five years ago I looked at the photo on the right and got scared.

Scared that that woman wasn't going to be able to run around after her kids and was definitely not going to be providing a healthy role model.

So I joined slimming world and started walking with our ruby every other day. With some motivation from friends and visits to the gym I built up to running 5k then 10k and have now run 5 half marathons.

Virtual runs have helped me to have a target in mind and train for a distance without the pressure of a race day.

It has taken me five years to get where I am now and I'm still not skinny but I have achieved my aim of being able to run round after my children and provide them with a good role model for having an active life style.

My transformation has been in how I see myself, as someone who can achieve anything they set out to do. X

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