Clare's thoughts on our illusion leggings

So, I thought I would get my Christmas list in early to Santa as I know how busy he is. My list contained the usual things, Belgian Seashell chocolates, perfume, a pair of running legs like Eliud Kipchoge or Mo Farrah so I can run the local park run (5K) without stopping (and looking like I have been coughed up by the local cat)….. You know nothing extravagant.

Anyway, Santa must have been listening as he sent his two Elves Sam and Vicky to help with the last request. Elf-Sam said she had just the thing to help and asked me to try out the new activewear leggings she and Vicky had been working on.

A pair of Illusion Leggings

The Road test (or the early Saturday local park run) and the Circuits class:

Let me say I really don’t like running, I am more of a Kickboxer, but after Hubby (Rob Cole) did his ½ marathon earlier this year I have been inspired to pick the running back up hence my goal of being able to run the local 5k Parkrun route without stopping.
So on a very chilly and soggy Saturday morning the Hubby and I rocked up to our local park. The starting pistol sounded and off we jogged…..

Question one, and possibly the most important question in a girls life: Do these leggings make my bum look big?

To help me Hubby offered to ‘hang back’ to take photo’s and ‘ass’ess the situation…. he was taking this very seriously.

The leggings although stretchy are very comfy and supportive. I cant say my bum jiggled at all.

They also must contain a little Eluid/Mo magic as I knocked off a good chunk of time (32 mins and 38 seconds –last week 34 mins dead). I think its down to the white go-faster stripe.

Also I cant say I felt a chill or overheated as the leggings kept me at a good temperature all the way.

Part Two of the test: Question two: Can I kickbox in these leggings?

That would be a big Yup!! The trousers move with you and you don’t have to worry about them falling down and taking your pants with them (and yes this has happened to me with an old pair of trousers and the Cole rule of always make sure you have clean undies to go to the gym in). The leggings have a small ingenious tie the waist so you can cinch your trousers tighter should you need to. The fabric also enables the leggings to stay in place.

Question two, Part B. ok, so you can Kickbox, how about a Circuit class?

Cue the Russian Twist with a weight, Squats with a Weight, Skipping (not the most flattering picture) but again these were all a big yup! Trousers said in place and moved with me. So no pants on show or any having to hitch up the trousers.

Final decision:

Overall these are a fabulous pair of leggings. The white stripe is something different yet classic and not too in your face. Love the little meshy bit at the bottom of the calves, very swit-swoo!

Added to this a tie at the waist (one of my big must haves when purchasing activeware leggings). They are comfy enough to allow you to move, run, workout yet sturdy enough to not allow jiggling. These are brilliant!

Thank you, Sam &Vicky! xxxx

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