Carpe Diem. Isn’t that what they say? by Sarah

Some days though, the day seizes you, and some days it’s your back that seizes up.

After finally having a relatively pain free fortnight for walking, I had hoped to start my running experience today by taking the afternoon off, going to the parents, and by going up the new road with the brilliantly spaced street lights, I was going to finally start the running journey by walking the first five lights, and jogging the next one, all the way to the top. Going that way is just over 4km, and at least half of that is this road.

However, it was the weather that stopped me. It was so cold, and the back was so stiff I just didn’t dare. I did however have a nice walk taking pictures of the pretty cobwebs covered in ice, but as Mum texted to say jacket potato's we're in the oven, I did take a short cut on the way there as my grumbling stomach demanded I do so!

I did have to take the direct route home though, as I’d had to climb in and out of the parents loft, which is worse than anything the TV show Gladiators put their contestants through, so just 5.88km done, instead of the 8 I wanted this Saturday is going to be the back up start date. I’m hoping to go out with the ramblers on Sunday, so will try the run/walk on Saturday when I go back to the parents for lunch (at least there is the incentive of food, and possible bananas and custard for desert to make the effort worthwhile!)

To be honest, I don’t even care if only one light to light is a jog, I will be happy. I have waited so long to get back into running (I need to beat the 1138km I walked last year).

I am going to be a boring sensible old fart though, and take the journey slowly. To many times I’ve tried too much to soon, and put my progress back by re-hurting the back.

Not this year though….


Well done Gemma and thanks for contributing.  We look forward to the next update.

Sam & Vicky xx

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