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Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a runner. I have spent my whole life telling anyone who will listen that I am not a runner, and I have always hated running. Yet, as a 50+ year old, I have this nagging urge to be able to run, and an ambition to make it round a 5k course without stopping, collapsing or, even worse, dying!

So, I have just spent half an hour on a cold winter evening doing the third run of week 1 of c25k. I would never have thought I could do that and even enjoy it, but I have. So, I am inspired to keep going, with the support of the Notts Women Runners Group I have joined - who got people through before me, I know because I have spoken to some of them!

I am not certain I will make it to the 5k graduation Park Run as I have a slightly dodgy right knee (and probably weak Achilles tendons) but so far so good!



Well done Gill and thanks for contributing.  We look forward to the next update.

Sam & Vicky xx

If you are starting your Couch 25k journey then what better way to mark the achievement than with this stunning C25K medal.  You can even surprise a loved one with it by presenting it to them on their completion. 


  • I hope all is going well.. I was 51+ when I did C25K .. it does work, even if you need to repeat a week or two ( I did ). l used this NHS podcast version and swore frequently..loud and long “ today we’re going to run for x “ .

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