Husband & Wife, Rob & Clare explain why they race as a Team

How did you hear about Virtual Racing UK?

Rob: I actually saw your Facebook post and it looked interesting so we signed up for our first Virtual Run. We definitely prefer Virtual Racing as you have to do the work to obtain the medal, a previous site we tried just sent out the medal and you had no incentive to do the run/walk/cycle.

What inspired you to start Virtual Racing?

Clare: After hearing me moan and whinge for years about being overweight (14st) and suffering with Sciatica Rob had enough and dragged me to the local Martial Arts gym ( I had always been interested in boxing so why not Kickboxing). Well fast forward a couple of years, I had dropped the weight (now under 10st) and was stronger and fitter but Rob was a Gym-Widow, we needed something we could do together –challenge each other.

Virtual Racing offered the opportunity to not only compete against each other -who could do the fastest, longest etc and you received some bling at the end of it!

How many races have you taken part in?

Rob: almost all of them. If a medal or Charity appeal to me I will sign up.

Which has been your favourite and why?

Clare: I animal mad so I like the animal ones, The Black Dog (I have both T-Shirts I wear with pride to the Gym), the Predator series and I love the Doggy Dash as it means we can take our dogs with us.

Rob: The ongoing ones have been the best challenge, the London to Paris, The 500 etc. I have signed up to (my first ever) ½ marathon in September so these are the best for me as they push me to go further.

A marathon is on my bucket list and I hope to be able to do this before my 50th birthday (in about 2yrs time).

What benefits have you noticed as a result?

Rob: we are certainly fitter and healthier.

The community, and it is a community with Virtual Racing, certainly inspires us to do more challenges. It’s great to see other members doing so well and see how they completed the challenge.

Although getting so many medals means my carpentry skills are being tested as I now have to build a medal rack so we can have them all on show.

Would you recommend Virtual Racing to a friend?

Clare: most definitely. There is a challenge for everyone, from the novice to the experienced runner/cycler/swimmer. Plus not only are you working on your fitness but you are also doing something for charity –it’s a win-win thing!

Rob: it’s a fab challenge you can do on your own or with a partner/friend and you can do it at your own pace; in one-go or several. It’s very addictive!

Anything else we should know?

Rob & Clare: Keep up the good work ladies! Looking forward to more challenges! (Clare: cheeky question ladies: any more t-shirts to go with the challenges? I have space in my wardrobe…….. Rob –oh god I suppose I will be dressing out of a suitcase soon).

Ha ha Clare - watch this space!!!  More tees on their way

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