If I say I'm going to do something...

I have always been very motivated.

If i say I'm going to do something i usually do.


If how ever it doesn't work i try something else but i keep on trying till i find something i love doing. I have had many hobbies through out my life.

Card making, sweet making, knitting, crocheting, painting stones, i have tried loads but over time i have lost interest in them but when i found running that was different.

Running for me now is part of my life, its part of me but there are days when i just have no motivation at all. Take last week, it was the time of the month for me and all i wanted to do was nothing lol completely nothing and for one day that is what i did nothing but at the back of my mind there was a voice saying come in moonbeam you can do this but the next day was the same, came home from work, sat on the sofa and did nothing, i went upstairs, ran a bath and was just about to get in when i stopped and thought, "what you doing, you will hate yourself if you don't do it" "go and get changed and do a work out, so i did lol i left the bath water and got changed and did 4km walk/run in 29 mins and i felt fabulous again.

The mind is a funny thing but that is where our motivation comes from, the things we think about that gets us going. Having motivation is a key part to any thing weather its house work, shopping, work, or exercise. You have to want to get up and go. What motivates me is the way my body is changing, my fitness level is getting higher, my medals are hanging on the wall, my colouring charts are getting full, so what ever motivates you to get up, get on and get out is the key to succeed.

So when times are hard, dig down deep, remember how you feel after your run, walk or workout and find that inner motivation to keep going.....



Well done Shelbe.  We look forward to the next update.

Sam & Vicky xx

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