Shelbe’s Story - Believe

My name is Shelbe im 48 years old. I did my very first parkrun on January the 1st 2018, I thought I was gunna die lol, after that i got the bug, i loved getting out every day, my run/walks were getting faster and faster, by December 2018 my 5k was down to 30.22 and my 10k was down to 1 hour 2 mins. When 2019 started i was so excited my goal was to get that big sub 30 5k and sub 60 10k.

Then bang from out of no where in February i got real sick, nothing mager, just a bug that wiped me off my feet, took me about 3 months to get rid of it. Then another slap in the face came , as in June started to get a pain in my foot, after a visit to the doctor and xrays, i discovered i had a boney spur. Which meant no running at all, by August i could hardly walk, I started shock waves treatment in September for 6 weeks.

By this time my mental health was suffering as i loved to run and not being able to do the one thing i enjoyed was very hard. After the treatment had finished i was told i now had to let my foot heal, so no running till after Christmas.

My body was changing as the weight was going on and i thought i would never run again. By the end of December the pain had gone, my foot was better, its still not 100% but its good enough for me to go out again and do the thing i love Running.

So January 2020 that was it, i was focused and back on track, i got my running calendar ready to track my miles, my virtual medal was booked to do 35 miles for the whole of January to keep me going, my colouring pictures where up , another thing i do to track my miles and i was off and my god how fantastic it felt getting back out.

Physically I have a long way to go, i did my first 10k and it was a fantastic time of 1 hour 18 mins, you see the last time i ran 10k was October 2018 at a time of 1 hour 2 mins, but i was buzzy and over the moon.

I'm now training to run the London landmark half marathon at the end of March , it will be my very first half marathon and i now believe that I'm gunna smash this as my mental mind is back on track.

I'm so excited now to see what the new year holds for me, the different things i want to try and I'm looking forward to sharing my stories with you from my new journey in.

Well done Shelbe and thanks for contributing.  We look forward to the next update.

Sam & Vicky xx

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