From non runner to runner (or how I got into running) by Gill

I have always enjoyed keeping fit but whenever I was given a new workout at the gym I would always say I did not want to run until .... 

In 2011 my friend was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  Whilst sitting round hers one day I said I would do the 5k Race for Life on the understanding she fought the disease and was at the finish with pink champagne.  Challenge accepted.  Not only did I sign up for the race so did her Mum, daughters, my Mum, daughter, daughter in law and several other friends and so the training began.  As I started training I remembered why it was I did not like running but a challenge is a challenge and so I persevered.  

Christine (my friend) did not make it to the finish line as she sadly died a couple of weeks before race date.  All us runners, however, turned up and ran the race and her husband brought along pink champagne and we all drank a toast to her.  To put it mildly it was a very emotional time.  

From there I figured if I can run 5k I can do 10k, if I can do 10k I can do a half marathon (Blenheim Palace being my first) and then a marathon (Edinburgh).  Christine's parents along with my family came to support me at the marathon and to be fair I think I cried from about 25 miles thinking about Christine.

In my wildest dreams I would never have thought how a flippant comment made one afternoon would have led to me becoming a runner.  I have gone on to run many other half and full marathons and to be honest every time I step outside on a cold morning I look up at the sky and curse Christine (just a little bit) lol.



Well done Gill and thanks for contributing.  We look forward to the next update.

Sam & Vicky xx

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