Believe and you will succeed

So i was never born a runner. 

At school i would hide in the woods when it was cross country , then come out just as the last person ran past and make out i had done it all lol , the teachers never noticed lol.

27 years later at the age of 47 i put my running shoes back on and how amazing it felt. 5k here, 5k there, took me 8 months in 2018 to run my very first 10k non stop round Regent's Park at an amazing time of 1 hour 9 mins, i had a little tear in my eye as i crossed that finish line. A month later i did my second 10k along Bournemouth Sea front.

This one i did an outstanding time of 1 hour 2 mins. When i crossed that finish line, never in my wildest dreams did i ever think i would be doing a half marathon, i used to say "why would any one want to run 13 miles just for fun?" 10k is my limit. But how wrong i was, in 2 months time im doing my very first half marathon.

This week has shown me that i am a machine and i can do anything if i just dig down deep enough and i will Succeed.

This week i Did my very first 4km non stop run after work and how fantastic it made me feel. On Saturday 25th January i got my trainers on and just went out to see how far i could go. 1 hour 39 mins 45 secs later i had managed 13km (8 miles) of run/walking.

Even though i was freezing cold, tired, hungry and by body hurt lol i felt truly amazing, i thought this is why someone wants to run 13 miles for fun , because it makes you feel fantastic after. I have decided this week i plan to work on my weight training to strengthen up my legs.

So that at the weekend i can do 9 miles. 9 miles omg what a scary thought but i know i can do it as like i have always said "Believe and you will Succeed ".



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