A challenge for turning 40

Hi there. My name is Kirsty and I have been running now since August 2017. I have never been a runner, I was the girl at school walking at the back of the class wearing a silver puffa jacket (it was the 90’s) with a KitKat in her sock.

I decided to give it a go after going to support my husband at the our local Trust10 run when the tail walker asked if I’d like to run with her. From then on I’ve just kept with it and eventually had the guts to join a social group after being spooked one evening when running alone.

I’m now a member of several social groups (I love chatting and the banter maybe even more that the actual running lol) and a regular Parkrunner (my 100th is in a few weeks). I can go on all day about the difference it has made to my life, but I will save that for another day.

This year I turn the big 4-0. To mark this, I decided to run my first and only marathon. I wanted to go big so decided on NYC. It had been a dream of mine to visit New York so why not eh?

However, so I didn’t chicken out I signed up immediately (12 weeks to go) meaning I did it in November last year. It was absolutely amazing, I loved it and recommended it to anyone thinking of doing it.

Now though, it is now a fading memory and my big milestone birthday is still looming and technically this year is my 40th year. So what now?

Well I have thought about it and I feel my next challenge is to complete 40 for 40….a 40 mile ultra-marathon. I have one in mind but am yet to enter due to nerves. What if I don’t do it in the allocated time? What if I fail? I am not the best, fastest or most skilled runner but I am determined, stubborn and like to prove others wrong. It has got me through so far but Is this enough though this time?

I would love to hear your thoughts and stories. I am excited to be a part of the Virtual Racing UK community and support everyone as we make our way through all of the various monthly challenges I have signed up new decade of racing monthly challenge for the year and am on course to complete my January target.

Happy running everyone 😀


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