Virtual Racing UK launch

Wow, what an amazing start to our new venture. We have had an amazing response to our launch last week, with huge support from our friends and family, fellow members of our running clubs and we have made new friends too.

Why did we start the venture?
We both love running, dog walking, buggy walking and swimming and had entered live events and virtual events. We’ve all been there, completed a challenge and the medal or goody bag is disappointing, so we thought “we can do better”.
We have a strong ethos around our business, that the business is centred around you, the customer. We want to build a community that can share advice, recommend charities and suggest new challenges and medals.
The charity support is very important to us. There are so many small charities and organisations that are always in need of additional support, and often fall between the cracks. Of course, we can support larger charities, but, like our small business, we believe that working closely with smaller charities and sharing their message is how we can make a difference.
You will see us share posts and additional fundraising links for our nominated charity for each challenge as we want to help increase their exposure too.
We also want to involve our athletes as much as possible…and yes you are athletes! We love to hear from you, see your pictures of your challenges, and of course, we are interested in hearing about your other events too. If you’re signed up for a “real live” event, you can use your virtual racing uk challenges as part of your training plan.
We have our own “live” challenges coming up too, we are both signed up to race the Great North Run in September. We both completed this last year, and enjoyed it… we just need to build up the training for it over the Summer months.

Our Holiday 10k challenge is perfect for anyone planning to go away on holiday. We know that the guilt can set in when you go on holiday and you neglect to pop out for a quick run, power walk or cycle. So, the Holiday 10k is perfect to perhaps switch your exercise regime to a swim in the sea or hotel swimming pool. Don’t worry, we know that not everyone has a waterproof watch or Garmin, and we will trust you if you submit your evidence as an email saying, “I swam 30 lengths every day whilst in Tenerife”. We believe you. After all, you’d only be cheating yourself.

Exercise and fitness can become a habit so so quickly, experts say it takes around 6 weeks of regular exercise to notice the aesthetic changes in our bodies. After 6 weeks, we have become familiar with a routine, accepted the aches and pains, and sore muscles, and transformed our mindset into wanting to exercise rather than having to exercise.
So, what are you waiting for…. Need motivation, need a place to start then sign up for one of our challenges and start that journey

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