2018 New goals, new challenges....

As we all get ready for the festive season, any excuse to eat, drink and be merry, who is cramming in the last few miles to ease the impending guilt you’ll feel next week from all that food, chocolate and booze? …Just me then? I’ve got another 30 miles to go to complete a cumulative virtual mileage challenge I set myself at the start of the year, and I want to complete it this week, then I can guilt free eat and drink what I like next week.

But it got me thinking about how, at this time of year, we set ourselves fitness goals and challenges… maybe training for an event (2018 is my marathon year), or time improvements, distance improvements, weight loss or learning a new sport or skill.


It’s an excuse to buy new equipment, new trainers, sportswear, light up arms bands etc, and we all see 1st January and the start of a new calendar year as the beginning of something new. We have bundles of determination and enthusiasm during January and really make a huge effort to get out there and keep working towards our goals…. But what happens in February, March… Easter break, holidays…. Before we know it, life has got in the way and our goals and motivation are pushed to the bottom of the to do list.


That’s why Virtual challenges are perfect for keeping you on track with your fitness goals. We have a community of complete beginners all the way through to marathon runners and triathletes. We have ladies, gents, the young and old, children and a few four-legged friends who have all completed one of our challenges this year. The resounding feedback has been that you love the motivation that a virtual racing uk challenge gives you. We like to keep in touch with you to remind you of start dates, submission deadlines and when your medal has been posted…. We’ve been there, entered something or bought something and forgotten about it, or it hasn’t been delivered. We don’t want you to feel like this, or worry or forget, we want you to love completing our challenges and keep you on track to smash your fitness goals for 2018.


We want you to be thrilled with the magnificent piece of bling you receive as your reward for completing your challenge, and every one of our medals, whether they are for a 5k or 500 mile challenge are all carefully and thoughtfully designed by our lovely designer in the UK, and we take pride in ensuring they are all superior quality, and far out strip our competitors bling! And we know we have achieved this as you tell us!

Cumulative mileage challenges are perfect for keeping you consistently motivated all year, our 500 challenge could be 500 km, 500 miles or 500 hours… it’s your choice. Take a look here

500 challenge


Or consider our biggest challenge - our John O’Groats to Lands End Virtual challenge…. a serious challenge at 1200 miles https://www.virtualracinguk.co.uk/collections/open-virtual-challenges/products/1200 .

john o'groats to lands end virtual racing uk challenge

Do you think you can smash either of these two?


…And do we ever look at what we have achieved this year? I doubt we do… we are so focused on the shiny bright new year that we forget everything we should be pleased about or thankful for in the old year. So how about giving yourself some much-deserved praise… ask yourself the following:

 What have I achieved?

What were my goals this year and have I smashed them?

How do I feel at the end of this year?

What have I come through?

What do I have to be thankful for?

This could be fitness related, personal, professional or social… but we should never lose sight of our achievements.

Good Luck in whatever your goals and challenges are for 2018, stay safe, happy and well, and we do still have places available for one of our January challenges Winter is Here . why not start your year as you mean to go on?

winter is here challenge virtual racing uk

Vicky - Joint Owner, Virtual Racing UK


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