New Trainer Day but... this is a first for me! (Sam)

Yay it is new trainer day.  We all know that amazing, bouncy feel when you get to try out your newly purchased running shoes but this is a very different experience for me. 


Because I read a comment on a running site and its completely changed my trainer buying for life  

Ok so I will just say it - I have very WIDE feet.  I am only a UK size 6 but I have always suffered with my feet due to the width.

So as soon as I started running I always went to a 'specialist' running shop to buy new trainers.  My gait was done properly and they always checked the length fit. 

But still, for almost ten years now, I have struggled with shoes.

Then just last week I read a comment on a running site where a lady had said she had been advised by a friend to try men's trainers as they are wider!  It was verified by a string of ladies who all said it worked for them!

How had I not known this?

So at the weekend, off I trotted to the ASICS store, already knowing I wanted a neutral shoe, and spoke to the assistant.

Apparently yes!  From what I tried, men's certainly do seem to be wider!

An hour and many pairs tried on later, I left with these bad boys!

Admittedly the colours aren't my usual choice but who cares?  Comfort is my main concern.

So today I went out for a little 2.5 mile trial run and wow!  Finally I have shoes that the sides of my feet aren't bursting through.

So for any other females out there who may be struggling for comfort due to wider feet, I would really recommend at least trying on some of the 'men's' shoes.

If this snippet of info helps just one other woman, I will be chuffed, as I think its changed my trainer buying for good. 

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  • Great tip. I have very wide feet too. I will definitely try men’s trainers next. 😄

    Lorna van Zee

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