Personal trainers (PT) are great!! 3S's social medal guru Charlotte was a PT herself in a previous life and has put together this fab blog...

But not everyone can or wants to go down the route of hiring someone else to design their fitness routine, so if you want to take charge of your own plan, here are a few tips you can use to become your own PT!!

Be realistic and safe
• We all want to push ourselves but it’s important to do this gradually and safely!
• Set yourself weekly goals such as ‘Run 20 minutes 3 x per week
• Assess goals monthly
• When increasing think about intensity as well as duration

Selfie time
• We all know scales can be somewhat arbitrary measurement of weight
• The best way to see results is to photo yourself in underwear
• Checking your progress monthly
• If you want to you could use a tape measure to assess key areas too such as biceps, waist, hips and thighs

Spice up your life!
• One of the many reasons PT’s are successful is they change routines and introduce us to new things
• Make sure you put at least one new exercise routine into your plan on a monthly basis
• Try something you wouldn’t normally do
• Use those other muscle groups!!

Workout buddy
• PT’s work as you have to show up, you’ve booked the appointment (plus they’re charging!)
• So why not make yourself accountable by having a workout buddy
• This doesn’t have to be every workout. But if you know you’re likely to skip a class, or run session, then make sure you get yourself a buddy who will make you turn up!

World Wide Web
• There are so many free workout schedules online
• Things such as couch to 5K all the way up to marathon training
• Download a plan and track your progress!!

So if you don’t have a PT, why not become your own PT!

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