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Running Buddies Ongoing Challenge

Running Buddies Ongoing Challenge

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2 identical medals, 2 different badges, 'Im the chatty one' & 'I'm the fast one - 1 entry


This Virtual Race is slightly different, it is open for six months from race entry date and is for all those running buddies out there.
Now is the time to be open and admit it - who is the chatty one and who is the faster one?  (Probably because they aren't gabbing as much)


This is part of our good vibes drive to get you all (socially distanced) running again with your bestest running buddy.

Running Buddies Campaign

We all know that physical exercise can aid our mental well-being. So we are working on an exciting new challenge that encourages you to take part with a friend.

Comes with 2 gorgeous matching medals for your best running friend and 1 each of the medal design.
The distance is 5k  

We would love you to share a pic of you and your running buddy (on a appropriately socially distanced run) whilst completing the challenge and when you receive your medals 


All you need to do is sign up.

Complete your  5K Challenge. 

This Virtual Distance Challenge is open to complete at your leisure within 6 months of entry date.

Send us proof.

By entering this race and purchasing your place you agree to Virtual Racing UK's Terms of Service.