GIN-GLE BELLS VRUFF - price inc postage

GIN-GLE BELLS VRUFF - price inc postage

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Created exclusively for our community, this GIN-GLE BELLS themed VRuff is a super cute Christmas design that looks great with any racing gear and even better teamed with your Gin-gle Bells Leggings

This will help keep you warm in the cold, wipe sweat from your skin and can even be used as a face covering if you need one.

They are very lightweight, making them extremely comfortable to wear, easy to wash & quick drying.

Fabric composition is 100% polyester mircofibre. 

Multi-function uses include:

    • Neck warmer / scarf 
    • Balaclava
    • Sweatband / Wristband
    • Headband
    • Hairband
    • Bandana
    • Scrunchie
    • Neck & Mouth Cover