December - Chrimbo Limbo 6

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Will you join us and finish 2020 strong?

The week between Christmas and New Year is a very strange time. The race must be completed between 25th and 31st and you will need to submit evidence to earn.

Everyone is wearing pyjamas 24/7, no-one really knows what day it is and we have about had our fill of cheese, chocolate, turkey and christmas cake.  (ok maybe you can never have enough cheese....)

So how can we all survive the Chrimbo Limbo?

By getting out there and completing a 6mile or 6k race of course.

This challenge is to help us get out during that lull and stop us from using the 'new year, new me' excuse to be slothful. And it's a bit of Chrimbo Limbo Fun.

Every medal will be posted at the start of December and we will include a "Do not open until Chrimbo Limbo complete".  So you really will have no excuse to hide indoors.

You can run it, walk it, cycle it or swim.  Just exercise the 6k distance.

The 6 miles or 6km distance must be completed in December but you can complete at your own pace.

All you need to do is sign up to the Virtual Race.

Complete the distance 

Send us proof using this link 

Wear your medal with pride.

Submission deadline will be 4th January 2021


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