December - Chrimbo Limbo 6

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Back for 2019 with a medal even more lush - Chrimbo Limbo 

Will you join us and finish 2019 strong?

The week between Christmas and New Year is a very strange time.

Everyone is wearing pyjamas 24/7, no-one really knows what day it is and we have about had our fill of cheese, chocolate, turkey and christmas cake.  (ok maybe you can never have enough cheese....)

So how can we all survive the Chrimbo Limbo?

By getting out there and completing a 6mile or 6k race of course.

This challenge is to help us get out during that lull and stop us from using the 'new year, new me' excuse to be slothful. And it's a bit of Chrimbo Limbo Fun.

Every medal will be posted at the start of December and we will include a "Do not open until Chrimbo Limbo complete".  So you really will have no excuse to hide indoors.

You can run it, walk it, cycle it or swim.  Just exercise the 6k distance.

The 6 miles or 6km distance must be completed in December but you can complete at your own pace.

All you need to do is sign up to the Virtual Race.

Complete the virtual run.

Send us proof using this link 

Wear your medal with pride.

Submission deadline will be 4th January 2020

£2 from every £12 every entry fee goes to our nominated charity 

Free UK shipping on all of our virtual race and virtual fitness challenge medals.

CHARITY - Team Chocolate Orange

Make A Difference (MAD) Friday

This year the event will take place on 14th December at various locations across the United Kingdom.

The aim of the campaign is to do positive things for others at what is a difficult time for many in the run up to the festive season in memory of organiser Chris Lamb's son, Elliott.

He lost Elliott on 15 December 2010 and felt he never wanted to celebrate Christmas again but with time, he was able to concentrate on more positive activities that helped to bring some focus back into my life.

Chris told us: 

"I originally started to buy chocolate oranges for the medics who looked after Elliott in 2008. He was in hospital with pneumonia and one of the physios did a really good job with him and his oxygen saturation levels reached 100% which was very hard to achieve. I bought them a chocolate orange to say thank you and word soon got round to the nurses in ICU who looked after Elliott. The following day I was inundated with nurses asking where their chocolate oranges were. I ended up buying them every time Elliott was in hospital. I was always so grateful to everyone who looked after Elliott as they showed such care and compassion to him. They became like family members to me.


I wanted to do something positive, to cherish all those precious memories of Elliott and to say a small but special thank you to those incredible people who had looked after him throughout his four short years. So I started off on a very small scale and with the help of friends, family and colleagues I collected 145 Terry’s Chocolate Oranges and duly distributed them to nurses and doctors at Whiston Hospital, Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice and Alder Hey Hospital. They were very gratefully received and also it gave me an enormous sense of pride that I was able talk to people about Elliott and his story of bravery and courage.

Since then, the numbers have continued to grow each year as more people became aware of Elliott’s story. We now cover the whole UK, from hospitals to hospices and anywhere really that makes a difference to others. Thousands upon thousands of people have taken part or been recipients of our gifts since I started the challenge and to date we have received over 34,000. It is absolutely incredible and very humbling to think about the effect that this has on the people who take part and receive them. I get lots of emails from other bereaved parents who take part saying that it helps them to do something so positive at what is a very difficult time of year.. We also have people and groups who run their own collections up and down the country, from schools, to companies and youth organisations. Businesses and retailers also get involved with the challenge which last year culminated in a Carol Concert at the end of the collection before we went on our way to deliver the gifts all across the country. We ask for no money at all (although we do have a gofundme page now for people who cannot donate in person). All we ask is for Chocolate Oranges and for people to do something nice for others that they wouldn’t normally do on MAD Friday. It is incredible to believe what others have done to help to spread the message of hope each year including, lighting up the Blackpool tower orange and a lighthouse in the North East.

What started off as a small but special thank you has turned into a movement of people who want to do something constructive for others and share some kindness. This has resulted in some unbelievable media coverage on both regional TV news (North West Tonight) as well as local radio channels.

We would be very grateful for absolutely any support you could provide to us as we start off this year’s drive."

The funds will be donated so that Chris and his Team Chocolate Orange can arrange for even more thank you's to be delivered to medical staff around the country.