Review of Sunwise Wild Black Shades

I have always struggled to find suitable running sunnies that suit my face.

As someone with a round face I feel like the very popular wrap sunglasses make me look like a fly!

Obviously you can run in your normal sunnies but these are often heavier and can slip, I also find them quite uncomfortable any distance over a few miles.

I had read rav reviews about a new more retro shapped brand and thought I would give them a whirl but when I searched for the American brand, I actually accidently stumpled across the UK Sunwise brand.

Same retro shape was available (along with a HUGE selection of the wrap around style) and priced at just £18.99 plus £3.35 shipping, I thought they were worth a punt.

So I thought so of your may be interested to read my thoughts on them.

I ordered at 05/06/2019 16:45 and my parcel arrived on the 7th!  They included a lightweight cloth case.

Great start!

When I unwrapped I was impressed by the level of detail on the packaging but have to admit, I was shocked at how lightweight the glasses were and was a bit concerned the weight equalled cheap. 

However the product was clearly described as having polycarbonate frames which are lightweight, robust, durable and flexible!  

I decided to try them on a run that day.

In terms of sun protection, I think they are spot on!  My eyes felt sufficiently protected on what was a very bright day.  It was also a hot day!

I ran 3 very warm and sweaty miles and the glasses didnt budge, no slipping or bouncing. I didn't have to adjust them at all during my run, as they stayed in place for the duartion.

The rubber felt comfortable and I didnt expereince any rubbing or chaffing, despite being sweaty.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase. 

I think they are priced right, as although I much prefer these in terms of style compared to leading running glasses, I wouldn't necessarily wear them for everyday use outside of sport.  

So I feel they offer a very functional, affordable and stylish solution for running eyewear.

I do think it is a shame that sunwise haven't expanded colour options, there isnt nearly as many options as there are for their other style of glasses, but from what is available, there should be something to cater for most people.

I would recommend them to team members!