November's Team VRUK Mile A Day Challenge

November's Team VRUK Mile A Day Challenge

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Just for fun...

This free Team VRUK 30-Day Challenge is to stay active for 30 days by completing a 1 mile per day.  

This can be a walk, run or jeff (combination of running & walking). If you wish to cycle or swim that’s ok too but you must state this on the submission form. And the mile must be a single discipline - so only run/walk for 30 days or only cycle etc 

We are also interested to see if entrants note any pace changes for 5k times post challenge, after the 30 days. 

At the start of the 30 days you will be asked to submit your current PB for a 5k distance (again this may have been achieved running, walking or jeffing).  

Pace doesn't matter!  A 90 min 5k or a 20 min 5k, we just want you to know your current fastest 5k time.

Then every day for 30 days we simply ask that you complete a mile run, walk or jeff and submit your time.  You don't have to aim to get faster each time, we just want to see you complete the mile.  Sometimes you maybe faster, other days you maybe slower.  Just go at the pace you feel comfortable at each day.

On the submission form you will also be asked to rate how you felt before the mile and after.

At the end of the 30 days we will ask entrants to complete a 5k run, walk or jeff between 1st December and the 7th December and then submit your time for that.

Why a Mile a Day?

We are interested to see if something as simple as a mile a day streak leads to any changes to your overall fitness.

We would prefer it if you kept your running to just the mile a day but of course you can go further if you wish to.


And please feel free to add other elements such as swimming, cycling and gym sessions, if you wish to do so. Just make sure you log your time for a single mile though please. 

This is an entirely free challenge and it doesn't matter if only 2 people take part (me and Vicky) or hundreds, we are genuinely just interested in monitoring any changes.

However, you know us, we do like a reward for completing a challenge.

As its an entirely free challenge, sadly we cant post out a medal for this but everyone that does sign up and completes the full 30 days and a final 5k, will receive a free Team VRUK window sticker in the post.

Limited places though and we reserve right to close sign up at any time if numbers reach the maximum number of entrants. 

If you would like to take part in this mile per day November challenge AND you are registered for our November Lest We Forget Challenge, we understand that you may want your medal in lieu of evidence so that you have it for the 11th (when you will have completed 11 miles).

If so please include your Lest We Forget Bib Number in the notes section at checkout.

As it is slightly different from our usual challenges, each morning we will email you a submission form to complete that day. 

We hope that you'll join us for this fun, free research challenge.

We won't publish individual entrants names but we may publish results without names, any trends we identify and averages, if we feel it will be of interest to the rest of Team VRUK.