Lockdown Motivation Medals

Lockdown Motivation Medals

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Needing some motivation to keep you going during lockdown or self isolation? Needing an incentive for youngsters to keep up PE and exercise whilst being homeschooled?

We have a small, limited number of assorted medals available that might be the bling-tastic incentive you need! 

Each medal is of our usual high quality, chunky monkey standard, with double sided ribbon and plenty of shine. 

If you can't complete the distance on the medal, you can use it to challenge yourself or others to complete the same number in hours or sessions of exercise or fitness activity. This could be a dog walk, a session on your trampoline, a home made assault course or even laps of your garden. 

Please note, there is no charity donation on these, they are at a reduced price to help you stay motivated during these unprecedented times. 


In these circumstances, we will post out immediately  . There is no need to submit evidence, we trust you.... but share a pic on our facebook page to show us what you did to achieve it.
Go on, virtually challenge yourself 
Medals are sent second class by Royal Mail.

Children must be accompanied / supervised whilst completing exercise for this challenge.

Please do not push yourself to do this if you feel unwell. Please consult a medical professional. 

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