June Medusa 20

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A chance to earn MEDUSA if you missed her - the second challenge in our Myths & Legends Series. 
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Human beings have been telling stories since they first learned to speak. And even before we could speak, we managed to tell stories by drawing and painting pictures on the walls of the caves we lived in.  

Now Virtual Racing UK are paying homage to some of the all time best myths & legends with a brand new series.

Generally described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair, legend has it that those who gazed upon Medusa's face would turn to stone.

Can you defy this Greek Goddess by earning yourself a PERSONAL BEST on this 20k virtual race challenge?

You can run, walk, swim, cycle or TRI.  One session or multiple but you must complete the distance between 1st June and 30th June 2020.

You are paying to enter the virtual race and the medal is reward for submitting evidence by deadline.

Sign up, complete and submit your evidence by the 4th July 2020.



Petals - Pregnancy Expectations and Loss Society

Petals was founded in 2011 by a group of healthcare professionals working in maternity care alongside women who had experienced first-hand the loss of a baby, or trauma during birth.

The aim of the charity is to offer specialist psychological support, free of charge, to help parent process their loss and learn to find their new normal. "It’s almost impossible to put into words the support we’ve received from Petals; thank you will never suffice...Petals saved my wife and I. Without their ongoing support and that of our counsellor Sue we wouldn’t have got through the darkest of days, we truly cannot thank them enough. " - Andrew Judd, Petals client.

To find out more information visit http://www.petalscharity.org

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