Summer 6 - two entrants - virtual challenge

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This virtual fitness challenge is for everyone, students parents and kids.

We want to help keep you all on track during the school summer hols. So we've set a virtual fitness challenge for you.

When you sign up, you will receive an email back asking what your 6  commitment is.

It could be 6km or it could be a commitment for 6 weeks.

For example: we've committed to ensuring our own kids stay active during the school holidays but completing at least 3 hours of exercise each week during the summer. This includes dance classes, runs and cycles with us as parents and a few social games of football with their friends at the park.

Obviously its tougher to "send us proof" with these challenge but a few snaps would be great. However this virtual challenge is based on trust. You confirm you stuck to your commitment and we post out this great bling!

Nominated Charity:

The Sandcastle Trust helps families affected by a rare genetic condition escape, for a short time, the emotional, physical and financial strains of their daily lives, spend quality time together and build lasting family memories. 

Virtual Racing UK is proud and delighted to be supporting this trust. 20% of every entry fee goes to the charity/trust.

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nominated charity Virtual Racing Uk Sandcastle Trust

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