May Sphinx 20k

May Sphinx 20k

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We enter spring with the latest in our Myths & Legends Series - the legendary Sphinx.

Human beings have been telling stories since they first learned to speak. And even before we could speak, we managed to tell stories by drawing and painting pictures on the walls of the caves we lived in.  

This one is a must have for any fans of myths, legends and ancient Egypt!

You can run, walk, swim, cycle or TRI.  One session or multiple but you must complete the distance between 1st April and 31st May 2021.

You are paying to enter the virtual race and the medal is reward for submitting evidence by deadline.

Sign up, complete and submit your evidence by the 4th June 2021



Parenting Mental Health - Our mission is to end generational mental illness.

We support parents and carers of young people with mental health issues both in the UK and internationally. We offer support, training and connection with other parents going through similar situations. And, possibly most importantly, we offer hope and a reminder that they are not alone.

When Suzannes’s 14-year-old daughter became suicidal in 2015, she and her family were thrown into a dark, frightening, and isolating time. Through this uncertain and emotional time, Suzanne found there was a lack of support, information and understanding and knew that once Issy was on the road to recovery, this was something she had to change. In September 2016, Parenting Mental Health was born - starting with a Facebook group.

Since then, it has grown to support parents around the world across its digital channels and programs. In 2020 Parenting Mental Health became a registered Charity raising awareness and funding to support this much needed community and Facebook recognised it as one of the 16 most meaningful communities in the world.

Parenting Mental Health now empowers, educates, and supports over 25,000 parents to successfully navigate each stage of their child’s mental illness and to become stronger and more resilient families.

We know that if parents can reflect on how they parent – and adopt Suzanne’s approach of Partnering, not Parenting – amazing change can happen and deep connections can be made.

We believe in the power of compassion and connection, in hope and belief, and in the power of the parent to end generational mental illness.



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