September - Women’s Land Army 80

September - Women’s Land Army 80

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This year marks 80 years since the government passed the National Service Act which allowed the conscription of women into vital working in industry or the armed forces.

This challenge is to recognise the vast numbers of amazing women that formed the British Women's Land Army, carrying out extensive work, producing food for Britain, all roles that had historically been done by men.

By autumn 1941, more than 20,000 women had volunteered to serve in the Women's Land Army. One third of these volunteers had lived in London or another large city.*

This September we recognise 80 years since more than 20,000 women volunteered in the Land Army and this is our way of honouring these heroes.  It was a huge contributing factor to the continuing life at home in Britain that in total saw over 200,000 Land Girls worked in the Women's Land Army, until November 1950.

There is no set distance for this challenge.  You can choose a distance or an activity - sit ups/squats everyday if you like, but we would like you to complete 80 minutes of activity over the entire month of September   

All you have to do is sign up.

Complete the 80 minutes challenge during September.

Send us proof by deadline of 4th October 2021 & wear your medal with pride.

Please note you are paying to enter the race, the medal is reward for submitting evidence by deadline.


Salute Her is a programme run by Veteran Charity

Salute Her is about empowering Women Veterans
Forward Assist recognise that women veterans are a hidden, marginalised and frequently ignored and forgotten population and are actively campaigning for gender specific mental health support services for women who were harassed and sexually abused during military service. 

*statistic from the Imperial War Museums What was the Women's Land Army? | Imperial War Museums (