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May - To Be Happy 5K

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This May we are inviting you to 'Be Happy' because 'the most important thing is to enjoy your life - be happy - it's all that matters.

So enjoy like and a 5k distance anytime in May.

You can run it, walk it, cycle or TRI it. One session or several, you just need to complete the 5k distance this May.

This Virtual Distance Challenge is throughout May.
Please note you are paying to enter the Virtual Race.  The medal is a reward for completing the challenge and submitting evidence by the deadline date.  
Entrants must commit to completing a 5k distance and that can either be a run, walk, cycle or tri.
We will even accept a combination of these, provided the complete distance is done during May
Go on, virtually challenge yourself this spring time.
All you need to do is sign up to the virtual race. Complete the distance during May
Send us proof. Wear your medal with pride.
Completion submission deadline is 4th June
Medals are sent second class by Royal Mail.

20% from every race entry will be donated to our nominated Charity 

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Welcome emails confirming your race entry will be issued within 24 working hours of purchase. Bibs are send 7 days before the challenge begins.


Charity - Pseudomyxoma Survivor

Pseudomyxoma Survivor is a small charity, run by patients and caregivers supporting those affected by the rare cancer, pseudomyxoma peritonei (or (PMP), as well as other appendix cancers.

Here's what the lovely people at the charity have to tell us about their fantastic work:

Wait, I hear you say, there’s such a thing as appendix cancer? Can’t you just take out the appendix and everything will be fine?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Originally, a tumour develops from a small growth on the inner lining of your appendix. At this early stage, the tumour is rarely discovered as it doesn’t cause any symptoms. Left untreated, the tumour grows and eventually bursts through the wall of the appendix into your abdominal cavity where more tumours then develop. Think of a dandelion growing and the wind spreading the seeds all across your garden.

These tumours then secrete a jelly-like substance called mucin which accumulates and causes symptoms, the abdomen swells and vital organs are compressed.

PMP is notoriously difficult to diagnose and so many patients are only referred to a specialist after the disease has spread quite widely. It’s a very slow growing disease and patients have been diagnosed many years after having an appendectomy.

We help those affected by PMP through providing both emotional and practical support, through raising awareness and through supporting research. As a small charity, run solely by volunteers, we’re completely dependent on voluntary donations so we’re very grateful that you have chosen to taken part in the race and show your support.

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