Kids - 31 Days of Summer Staycation

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This summer we are encouraging our younger Team VRUK members to stay active during the 6 weeks holidays!!

We have just 50 places for the challenge and it is all about staying active throughout the summer holidays!

There are 42 days of UK school summer hols and our younger members need to do something active for 31 of them.

At the start of the holidays in July we will email a printable tracker and they just need to tick 31 days of fitness to claim their medal.

It can be a run, a walk, a joe wickes workout or a scoot!  In fact - anything they like as long as they stay active.

Its a fun way to stay focused for 31 days and keep the family involved in some health and well-being fun.   

The challenge will run throughout July to the end of August (to cover all UK school holidays)

Deadline to claim is 4th September.