Zeus 20k

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The latest in our Myths & Legends Series - the legendary Zeus

Human beings have been telling stories since they first learned to speak. And even before we could speak, we managed to tell stories by drawing and painting pictures on the walls of the caves we lived in.  

You can run, walk, swim, cycle or TRI.  One session or multiple but you must complete the distance between 1st June and 30th July 2021.

You are paying to enter the virtual race and the medal is reward for submitting evidence by deadline.

Sign up, complete and submit your evidence by the 4th August 2021


CHARITY DETAILS  - £2 from every entry fee is being donated

TCD Tackling social isolation in the Community through Diverse activities.

We are dedicated to transforming lives and breaking down barriers for people with special needs, disabilities, mental health issues and the elderly through dance and exercise.

Lukes Lads and Butterflies are two of TCD’s projects

Male suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, with many men suffering in silence when they experience feelings of sadness, loneliness or anxiety.

​In July 2018 after a battle with mental health and depression, Luke took his own life. For years Luke struggled by bottling up his feelings and worries, finding it difficult to reach out and talk about his mental health. One of his greatest passions was fitness and weight training which he turned to in darker times.

Luke's Lads encourages and supports men to talk about their feelings in an alternative environment. Butterflies was set up to support women in the same way. Studies have shown that exercise can release endorphins to energise your spirits and lift your mood. Talking isn't a sign of weakness, it's a way to take care of your wellbeing and help cope with problems.


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