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62 miles To Exit The Atmosphere

62 miles To Exit The Atmosphere

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As part of our brand new 

WHERE TO NEXT VIRTUAL SERIES - complete the entire series of 7 challenges and claim a free series pin badge and series certificate.

We present this fantastic 62 mile challenge.  You have all of 2021 to complete this!

Medals will be in stock from mid March 2021

The 2nd of our 7 "where to next " series medals takes us off Earth and into space. By definition, space is defined as being the point at which the Earth’s atmosphere ends, and the vacuum of space begins. According to Nasa this point is known as the Kármán line “an imaginary boundary” that's 62 miles up, or roughly a hundred kilometers above sea level. So are you ready to complete your 62 miles and exit the Earth's atmosphere?

You can run, walk, cycle or use a combination of disciplines to cover the length of the UK - virtually.  Take the virtual journey to exit the atmosphere.

Please note you are paying to enter the Virtual Race.  The medal is a reward for completing the challenge and submitting evidence by the deadline date.
This Virtual Distance Challenge is open throughout 2021 and you have from January 1st 2021 until December 31st 2021 to complete the distance.
Make no mistake, its a tough distance but the sense of achievement will be epic.
Go on, virtually challenge yourself in 2021.
All you need to do is sign up to the virtual race.  
Complete the distance during 2021
Send us proof.
Wear your medal with pride.
Submission deadline for completion will be 4th January 2022   
Medals are sent second class by Royal Mail.

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